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Working on Mars:
Voyages of Scientific Discovery with the Mars Exploration Rovers

William J. Clancey
The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA 2012

Fifty illustrations, twenty-five color plates

  approx $20 from Amazon (author does not receive royalties)


  AIAASciTechAward2014sm.jpg       AIAAAwardCertificateSm.jpg

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics 2014 Gardner-Lasser Aerospace History Literature Award


Nature 490(7418), 34–35 (04 October 2012) "Mars Exploration: Roving the Red Planet" by Jim Bell, MER Pancam Instrument Lead  [PDF]

The Space Review (24 September 2012)  [PDF]

Astronomy Now (January 2013, p. 79) with interview by Keith Cooper, Editor  [PDF]

Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries 50(9), 216 (May 2013) by B. M. Simonson

The Observatory Magazine: 133, 189-190 (June 2013) by Richard McKim


The Commonwealth Club of San Francisco 2012 (slides & video)

Elementary School 2009 version

CONTACT 2008 Conference version

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Print Interview: (Out of) Our World Now: Space, Delta Sky Magazine, January 2013, pp. 63, 64, 79, by Mark Anderson.

Book Précis: 50 Years of Planetary Exploration, NASA History Program Office, News & Notes 29(4) 5-6, Fourth Quarter 2012.

Essay: The Story of Jake and a Rock on Mars (Huffington Post, 28 September 2012)  [PDF]

Essay: Clear Speaking about Machines: People are exploring Mars, not robots  (AAAI: The Human Implications of Human-Robotic Interaction, 2006)

  approx $20 from Amazon (author does not receive royalties)

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